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If data is blank, return a name


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If address line 2 is blank, I just need it to return a name. If it has a value in the data, I need it to be blank.



John Smith

<value> <would return a name here

123 E. Way Street

Anywhere, WI 54729


Suzie Smith

<no value> <would be blank

456 E. Way Street

Apt. 32 <has an address 2

Anywhere, WI 54729

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I think I may have figured it out..:o



if (Field("Address Line 2") == "")
return "Attn:Purchasing Department";

return Field("");

I think the last line should just be:

return "";

You could also write the entire rule like this:

return Field("Address Line 2") ? "" : "Attn:Purchasing Department";

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