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Composition removes form fields from PDF form


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I did a quick test to see what FusionPro would do with PDF form fields present on FP template. Ideally it would not touch them, so that they appear on the composed PDF "unharmed". However my test indicates that this is not the case, as the fields are stripped off off the output PDF. Is there a way to instruct the composition engine to pass the form fields/logic into the result PDF? Edited by azatko
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I got an off-the-list reply from support:

On Nov 1, 2010, at 9:20 PM, FusionPro Support wrote:


Hello Alexander,


Form data and annotations are removed from FusionPro. This is not a bug, but we can consider optionally retaining them.

I voiced my desire to consider fixing this non-bug and retaining the form fields during composition.

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Hello everyone, if you are still watching this thread!


Recently, I ran into the same issue. Fillable form fields are stripped out of the composed PDF. I am currently running FusionPro version 8.2.7.


I contacted support, and here is what I learned. FusionPro version 9.1.0 (released on June 27 2013) and newer will retain form fields and annotations from template and PDF images.


Next month I am upgrading to a newer 9.x version of FusionPro, can't wait to test this out!

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