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Image Personalization - poll closed


When it comes to image personalization...  

48 members have voted

  1. 1. When it comes to image personalization...

    • we currently use DirectSmile
    • we currently use DirectType
    • we currently use something other than DirectSmile or DirectType
    • we are insanely curious and interested in how it can help us
    • we are amused and somewhat interested in learning more
    • we'd rather poke ourselves in the eye with sharp sticks than get into it
    • we don't have a clue what it is or why I am answering this question

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Hi, all


Interesting results on this poll so far. A number of customers are using DirectSmile today and almost half of respondents (so far) are not using an Image Personalization solution today but are interested in adding it to their offerings.


With products such as DirectSmile and DirectType, users today are following a 2-step workflow when using those products with FusionPro VDP solutions:


1) Use the image personalization solution to create all the images

2) Use FusionPro to reference each image previously created and include in the VDP Composition.


While this workflow technically "works", it's not very seamless and has 2 discrete steps. Previewing the image within the template is difficult as are situations where perhaps a couple extra records are added to the data file just prior to composition (users have to go back and figure out which additional images are needed prior to being able to compose the VDP output).


We've been looking at making this workflow a bit cleaner for our customers and were wondering what your thoughts were.



  • Do you see value in an integrated Image Personalization/FusionPro VDP workflow?
  • Do you have a need to do this work purely offline or do have a need for it online (e.g. With FusionPro Web) as well?
  • Will adding image personalization to your portfolio help you secure new business with new or existing customers?

Please let us know what you think - thanks all!

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Sorry I didn't see your post to the poll sooner. We would love to see Image Personalization integrated with FusionPro. We do not try to sell Image Personalization. We tell our customers and prospects that we can do it but stray away from having to go through all the processes. If FusionPro were able to do it along with it does now, we would be trying to sell it all over the place. We would probably be able to get some new customers out of it too.
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Hi all,


Wanted to say thank you for everyone that voted in our image personalization poll!


Looks like about 30% of respondents are currently running an image personalization solution. Almost half of respondents are interested in the technology but aren't using it today. Very interesting..... (Yes - that is the sound or Product Management gears turning).


We will be discussing the results internally over the next couple weeks and see how that might affect our product roadmap.


Thanks again, everyone. Your input to these polls is helping us shape the future of the Printable solutions suite!

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