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VDP - can user choose fonts?


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If you have a customer selecting fonts, I must assume this is for MarcomCentral. If so let me know so I can move your post to the appropriate MarcomCentral forum.


If not, you must be using your own Web-to-print Store interface to give customers access to ordering the VDP item. In this instance you will have to figure out how to achieve this with your developer.


For MarcomCentral, YES you can allow the customer to select fonts for a VDP Product when ordering it. The fonts you wish to use must be embedded in the PDF when you collect the files. Then you can allow the association using a Format Field on the Form Display tab in Template Setup.


This something we go over in the Template Creation training and is also outlined in the Online portion of the tutorial; which you can download from the Help section in the Manager. Log into the Manager > Click Help > Click Tutorial Download Center in the TOC on the left side.


Hope this helps

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I use Fusion Pro Desktop. I publish the VDP's with EFI's Digital Storefront.


I'm making a menu and want the user to be able to change the font based on type of venue it is. I want to avoid making three seperate menu VDP's when all I want to change is the font.

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