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Error 1112


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"(Cannot Write Output File) – this is commonly caused when there is already a PDF file open with the same name as the PDF FusionPro is trying to compose. Simply close the PDF file with the same name as the output file you are trying to create."


I keep getting this error right around the same record. 500 or so.


The situation isn't as described above from the manual. I'm attempting to create PDFs for each record. (1 PDF per record)


The file is approx. 2000 records. So in the end would have 2000 PDFs. However, error 1112 keeps stopping composition around record 500.


The last processing attempt it quit at 507. 507 was never created and doesn't exist.


Any ideas?!?






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So what I can prove is:


It stops exactly at 507 every time regardless of the record or records. I removed a large chunk of the records to prove this and it still stopped at 507. Including the composition message log and the cfg file there is exactly 509 files in the folder before it stops.


Seems strange...


Please and Thank You for ideas!

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I'd try a work around for now till Printable can explain.


Try outputting the file in a range from:






Hopefully your naming output can vary a little from each batch.






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