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Composed PDF doesn't keep crop


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For generating images does FP use CropBox as the default value for PDFBoundingBox? Is this different across different versions of FP Server?


For generating PDF does FP use CropBox or TrimBox as mentioned above? Im guessing that there is no setting for which boundary box to use at composition time for PDF's.


PDF Generation:

If I am understanding this correctly, we should have no bleed defined in the FPI file, if we do not want to see the crop marks in the PDF. If there bleed defined in the PDF does it get used?


If we want to see the crop marks in the PDF say for sending to a professional printer, we should add the bleed in the FPI file. which can be done by adding values for the following settings in the config file or via the Service API:




We can put the crop marks in the PDF file before hand or we can specify the crop marks in the FPI file.

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