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In the preview pane the data is not visable. It shows a highlight over the various lines but the text is not showing black and readable

Can you post a screen shot of what you're seeing?

I have the same problem. Can't send the document as it is classified for now. Is there a common solution to this?

Are you sure you have the same problem? Can you dummy up a minimal example which demonstrates the problem?


To everyone: Please specify the exact versions of FusionPro, Acrobat, and the operating system you're using.

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No, I'm not sure I have the same problem.


My problem is that Preview doesn't work. The field becomes transparent and slightly lighter when preview is on, but the text doesn't show. My setup works with other PDF's.


I have Acrobat Pro 1.8.6

I have latest version of FP 6.x

Win XP sp3


I've tried changing the documents properties(PDF), I've tried placing it in InDesign and making a new PDF with settings that should work, but it doesn't.

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Ok, I've managed to reproduce the problem creating a blank document in Indesign and exporting it to a PDF.


It seems that the filesize or document size is the cause of it.


The original document I'm working with is (WxH) 814,813mm x 2174,81mm (it's a banner). If I create a blank PDF (using Indesign) with this size, preview doesn't work. If I make a document that is 100x100 it works fine.


So, is there a limit to document size?


I really need this worked out as it is a big client and I have a deadline coming up.

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I've narrowed it down even more.


It seems the highest a document can be is 1155mm, any taller and preview doesn't work. Width can be 2500mm without any problems, so it's just height.


Why? And can it be fixed? The banner VDM I'm making is 2175mm in height.


I'm making a new 'possible bug' thread about this, so please respond there.

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