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Output a Graphic File


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I've been asked if FusionPro could output an .eps file instead of a pdf?


I don't believe that it can, but I was wondering of anyone has been able to (or has any ideas on how to) "script" acrobat to be able to perform this task: Take the pdf file that FusionPro created and then read it into Acrobat and export an eps graphic file.


According to the company we are quoting this for, the only file type that they can accept is an eps graphic file.


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For what kind of device is the output intended?


FusionPro can certainly output PostScript, but it can't output an EPS file because EPS is, by definition, only a single page.


That said, if you're using FusionPro Server, you can use the supplied PDF2IMG utility to convert the first page of the output to an EPS file. Or you can tell the composition to create a JPG graphic as described here and convert that to another format.

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