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Graphic resizing problem


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I'm currently using Fusion Pro Desktop v6.0P1e with Acrobat Pro v7.1.0 and I save my templates for importing into EFI Digital Storefront.


I want to import a picture into an A3 landscape poster, the space for the graphic is approximately half of the depth across the full width. This make it a long, thin space (426mm x 154mm). I’ve tried all the options for fitting a picture to this space and none are suitable.


The 4 options are:

None – this doesn’t scale the pic at all. This is a problem when it’s a digital camera file at 72dpi because the physical dimensions are massive.

Best Fit – this scales the pic in proportion but stops at the shortest edge.

Fit to Shortest Edge – Unless I’m going mad, isn't this is the same as above?

Fill – this distorts the pic to fill the space – not ideal when the shape is long and thin, like this one is.


Ideally, I’d like the picture to fit to the long edge and then crop from the bottom. It doesn’t seem to be available? This would seem to be the only sensible option and I can’t do it?







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Proportional fill is exactly what I need.


I've just downloaded and installed v6.2P1a, but it doesn't seem to be there?


Has this feature been included in this version?




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