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"Failed to copy" composed PDF, Error no 5

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FusionPro Creator 13.0.2, Acrobat Pro 2023.003.20215, MacOS 12.4

FusionPro Producer 13.0.2, Windows Server 2019



For the last couple of weeks, FusionPro Producer will not copy the final composed PDF from its temporary working folder to the configured final output folder. The PDF composes fine, but the log message says:

Failed to copy file: C:\DirectWorking\1691002183\1691077297\Num100new.pdf to C:\Printer_Hot_Folder\Num100new.pdf
Error no 5

The Num100new.pdf is just a dummy test file I made; it happens on every job I submit. Even jobs that are on the "Finished Jobs" window that worked fine a few weeks ago, when I tell it to Recompose, they fail to copy. If I remote into the box FusionPro Producer is running on, I can manually copy the file. I have asked our IT department to look into it, they have exhausted their options and suggested I contact FusionPro support. I thought I would check here first, to see if anyone might know what "Error no 5" might be.


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Error 5 is a Windows error code meaning "Access denied."  It seems that the account under which Producer is running, as configured on the General Setup tab of the FusionPro Producer Configuration app, does not have sufficient permissions to write or copy files to the designated hot folder.

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