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I am fairly new to Fusion Pro, (like 2 weeks) we have a NexPress 2500

and our front end is Prinergy and we use Preps as our imposition software.

So far I a have been able to do a mail merge file on the press and

impose it with no problems, now I need to figure out how to run a job

(postcards) so we can mail it, it will be 8 up on a 14x20 sheet.

Then it will go to our bindery and we will want them to cut and put it

into the proper mail bags so it needs to be sorted. Or made easy so then

can take the stacks and tell where they go, so my question is how

are you folks in printing doing this, or what kind of tricks are there

out there to make this go smooth...


Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions you might have...



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Hi Mike,


You just need to put a somewhere on your printed postcard piece the following:

***************AUTO**MIXEDAADC852 *471 *7 *6

broken down it is:

Endorsement Line * Sequence No.*Bundle No.*Tray No.


If you do not want to put the Endorsement No. on, I would put the sequence No. with the Tray No. at least on the BOTTOM RIGHT HAND corner.


I assume you are printing the cards in CUT & STACK off of the press to take to the cutter and then hand off to bindery. The postage paperwork you have, bindery will have to get familiar with how to tray a job based on the paperwork. You should be able to see the "BREAKS" in a job whether it is the sequence No. or the Endorsement Line that you are using for a guide.


When you are inputting the parameters of a job into your mailing software, the thickness of the piece will dictate how many trays you will need. If you are using EMM or 1'-2' trays, your mailing software will tell you how many you need and the qty. of each tray.


The hand traying can be tedious but is necessary to sort the mail properly for each tray. We sometimes use an outside vendor to send out if the job is too big.

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In order to utilize FusionPro's Imposer, here is an example of how it is used.


First, launch FP Imposer from the following location:


PC- Start>>(All) Programs >>Printable>>FusionPro>>FusionPro Imposer

Mac- Mac HD : Applications: Printable : FusionPro : FP Imposer.


Select the "Load" option. This will allow the utility to load the template's Finisih size, bleed, pages in pdf.


Then click the "Press Sheet" option to specify your press sheet size.


Then select "Layout". Define your layout here.


Specify your "Stack", then Horizontal and Vertical values.


Configure using all options in this area to ensure that your template fits correctly.

Then go back to "Document" and save the file in your job folder.


Now in Acrobat / FusionPro, at the time of composition, there is an Imposition tab for you specify this file.

Compose and test to see if this helps


Alex Marshall

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The NexPress front end has one of the best Imposition capabilities of digital presses. I would look into using it, usually way simpler and faster then even FPImposer.


Yeah, there would be no way that I would use anything but the RIPPING software that comes with the press unless absolutely necessary.

All of our jobs that go to the NexPress are imposed at the press.

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