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External Data Files & Text Resources


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Hi everyone,


I've been working on a direct mail piece that involves linking the template to three data files - one is actually imported into FusionPro (the mail file) and the other two are externally linked using an OnJobStart rule.


This particular mailer calls for two finance offers - 6 months or 12 months. There is a column in one of the external files (titled 'ad copy') that is titled 'FinOpt' and that is the Finance Offer column. I have created formatted text resources for both 6 and 12 month offers and those are triggered off the FinOpt column data (the wording in the TXT file differs from the text resources which is why the resources were made).


Here's the catch: I can't figure out the code to use the 'return formatted text resource' rule in combination with the external data file rule that was created specifically for that FinOpt variable. I tried adding rules within rules and I'm probably putting the code in the wrong order or something b/c it's not working. I can point the template to the external data with NO problem, it picks up the text in the FinOpt column... but then it doesn't return the formatted text resource. And if I have the rule for the resource in place and working, I can't get FusionPro to recognize that I want it to take the data from the FinOpt column and swap it for the appropriate resource.


Unfortunately I am emailing this from home and don't have access to the FusionPro files at the moment. Can anyone shed light on this or give me sample code to try out, without having to see the programming? I'd really appreciate any assistance possible with this one... I'm stumped! :) Many thanks.



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I can't really tell what's going on without seeing the job. It sounds a bit complicated. But I would think you should just be able to insert a variable into the Formatted Text resource in the Text Editor as a placeholder for the result of the rule, which could return a value from the External Data File.
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Your "mail" file has what for a call out in the data? 6 or 12,?


You have two "formatted text resources," correct? One for 6 and one for 12. You could create these two text resources in RESOURCE EDITOR and select the FORMATTED TEXT drop down. label accordingly.


Next you'll create a rule to call out one or the other based on the mail data file.


NEW RULE, text, switch, select call out column, Under RETURN TYPE select TEXT RESOURCE, click Next. Now assign or where it says Return the text resource to your 6 and 12 based on the mailer data file.


If you need more clarification on this let me know otherwise Dan would be your best bet to help you if this is not what you need.



Good luck.

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