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Default Re: FusionPro VDP 10.0 Now Available


This may be a topic for support but I want to at least start here to get the forum's opinion before I start yelling at support...

An associate of mine tried installing our 9.3 version of FusionPro on their system. She has the Creative Suite CC (2014) so I figured everyting would be fine. She uses the Acrobat Pro CC version that came with the Suite. It was not compatable and kept making Acrobat non-responsive and freeze up. She removed it and all is fine again.

I've tried to look through the forum, Marcom's site and other version histories for FusionPro but I only seem to find references to Acrobat "DC" and nothing about "CC". Even your version 10 release only references Acrobat DC. It just seems wierd to me that if FusionPro is "compatable" with CS 2014 Cloud Version then it should be compatable with the Acrobat version that come with it.
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