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Making a tag-line optional


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Have a Customer request on a biz-card we're doing for them.

They have a tag-line that only some of their staff get on their cards. I would like to present it to them as a radio button, or check-box style option on the website, so they just have to tick a box/button quickly to denote this card order receives the tagline.

I have the field/space setup on the card, it does not interact w/ anything else, so it's an easy one. But I don't know the best way to go about achieving the goal: Should I do it as formatted text, or as a graphic?


It's white KO type, so I have to handle it as type/text, don't I? However I want to keep it easy for my customer to use the website (so I'm thinking a little radio button type input would be easiest, especially if they can tab-access the field and 'click' w/ the space-bar, that sort of thing, to speed data entry...)


Is there a cliff-note's version of how to do it? Do I follow the Formatted Text routine from the Calendar used in Training (sorry, it's been ages, and I've never used formatted text outside of the training class)?


Thanks for the help!


- Mac

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You can achieve this by offering a simple Y/N dropdown for the Tagline field. The "Yes" would show the tagline content and "No" would not. The tagline itself could be a Formatted text resource or just a literal text value returned via a Text switch rule driven from the Y/N Tagline field.


If this is something they would need authorization for, you could create the Tagline field as a Profile Attribute, so only a User designated as a Profile Admin could set the Tagline field to Yes for each User.


Unfortunately you cannot use a checkbox or radio button to achieve this.


Hope this helps

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