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Variable Text Wrap

Liz Singh

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I have 5 formatted text resources that correspond to a specific region. I am using the switch rule, if my field data equals region, then replace with specific formatted text resource -


Midwest, gets midwest text resource

Rockies, rockies text resource

Southeast, southeast text resource



Each resource varys in length; however, they all will end page1 and start page2. I am trying to wrap the text from the frame ending on page1 to the frame starting on page2.


I have tried the overflow option to start a new page, but the results are not what I'm looking for. What am I missing? Or is there a simpler way to wrap this formatted text rule between two frames and two pages?


Would it be easier to split my formatted text resources manually and place seperate rules in each frame? (I.E. Midwest1, text frame page1; Midwest2, text frame page2.)

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You can connect any two body page text frames to make a multi-frame flow, even if the frames are on different pages. First, you'll need to change the view Acrobat to see both pages on the screen at the same time; from the menu in Acrobat 9, select "View" -> "Page Display" -> "Two-Up Continuous". Make sure you can see both frames. Then from the FusionPro toolbar, select the "Connect Text Frames" tool (it looks like a few links of a chain). Then click on the frames you want to connect, in the order you want the text to flow.
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