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Maximum Sheet Size


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There is a limitation on page height of template (background) PDF pages of about 45.5 inches, or 3.79 feet. (This is 327680 in hundredths of points in the DIF file, or 32768 in tenths of points, i.e. the maximum value for a signed 16-bit integer.) Above that, FusionPro will output a page with the correct size, but the contents will be blank.


That said, I'll reiterate my recommendation on scaling up wide-format output from here:


Also, please note that just because your output is going to be printed on a wide format printer as a giant yard sign doesn't mean that your output file has to have pages that are several feet wide. You should be able to scale up a smaller graphic on the press. As Alex alluded to, fonts are vector art anyway, so there's no benefit to outputting massive point sizes. (Plus, there is a limit to how large the point size can be in FusionPro. It's a lot bigger than 260 points, but there's no need to tempt fate.) Furthermore, graphics for a yard sign or a billboard probably aren't designed to look terribly sharp from close distance, so scaling them up in the output isn't going to gain you much anyway. Therefore I would reconsider trying to output a smaller file.
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