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This must be an easy formula

Ellie Mae

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I know this is going to be really easy, I am just not that good in Fusion Pro or Excel yet to know the best approach. I am doing a ticket with the table number as the only variable.


There are 73 tables and each table is going to have 12 tickets. For example table 1 will have 12 tickets that say table 1. Table 2 will have 12 tickets that will say table 2. I am running 6 up. One thought was just to number an Excel field 1-73 and run 12 copies of each, but that would be a nightmare sorting. I need to impose 6 up in FP imposer and we need them to stack for cutting. I know we are probably over thinking this. Is this an easy formula to set up in Excel or can Fusion Pro easily handle this in a rule?



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