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Error in infinate stack???


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Have you specifed "chunking" in the output for composition?


If so,there is no issue - this is how the software works. What really happens is that stacking is used whenever there is a conflict.


If the stack batch output fits evenly into or is the same size as the

chunk, then the chunk size is honored. When there is a conflict between

the stack size and the chunk size, multiple output files are produced

using the stack batch (SxVxH) output size. This is also the case when

the stack output size is greater than the chunk size. When Infinite

Stack is used, a conflict is reported and one output file is generated.

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I was going to take a look, but when I download the attachment, all I get is an empty folder?


I did get it to download, but, no matter what I did, it always breaks at 125.. I haven't tried making an actual data file and forgetting the rule yet but that would be my next avenue of attack...

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