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Print out error message and not compose

Tony Olivas

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I am looking for a way to write an expression to error out when a certain field contains charcters too short or too long. Then print out the error message and not to compose file.


Something to the effect of:


if (Field("cert1") <= String("Character length"))


return "<span>" + String("Error out and print out ") + "</span>";



return "";

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Following Dan's suggestions, I came up with the following OnRecordStart rule:

var ShortString = 6; //shortest # characters in chosen field
var LongString = 24; //longest # characters in chosen field
var CheckField = Field("Company"); //chosen field
var CharCount = CheckField.length;

//if record contains short or long field, it will not be composed,
//and offending record will be noted in message log following composition
if ((CharCount >= LongString) || (CharCount <= ShortString)) {
   FusionPro.Composition.composeThisRecord = false;
   Print ("RECORD " + CurrentRecordNumber() + 

In my test, 3 of 10 records did not compose, and my log following composition indicated which 3 records were left out. :)

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