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VDP Checklist

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We have a "form" that all sales reps or CSR's need to fill-out prior to do a mailing.

I created a form in InDesign, export to .pdf and then did some "fill-form" feature in Acrobat so they can tab and fill/check.

Some check features that we use right here:

-Standard or 1st Class

-Customer Name:

-Old job number if applicable:

-Data files emailed to:

-Estimated number of records:

-New Job Number:

-Drop Date Request:

-Profit or Non-Profit:

-Seed List included?

-Final size when going to the Post Office: Width Height

-Weight in Ounces completed(glued/wafer seal/additions):

-Permit Information. Company using their own permit or yours? Are they allowed to drop at multiple locations?


Folder Structure I use on jobs:

Job Number_Customer Name_type of campaign








Data has all the data files and postage files, Original has the original art files that were submitted to us, Fonts are what is used in either prepping the art or variable usage, Working is the InDesign file that will be used for outputting to FusionPro, Variable has only the FusionPro .pdf doc., and Output has all of the Proof files or Printing files in it.


For proofing, we always check the Hard Proof against the Soft Proof(.pdf) that the client approved.

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