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with Error 1112


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In FusionPro, start out with a one-up pdf of the template. Then use FusionPro's Imposer to define the 18-up layout

In order to utilize FusionPro's Imposer, here is an example of how it is used.


First, launch FP Imposer from the following location:


PC- Start>>(All) Programs >>Printable>>FusionPro>>FusionPro Imposer

Mac- Mac HD : Applications: Printable : FusionPro : FP Imposer.


Select the "Load" option. This will allow the utility to load the template's Finisih size, bleed, pages in pdf.


Then click the "Press Sheet" option to specify your press sheet size.


Then select "Layout". Define your layout here.


Configure using all options in this area to ensure that your template fits correctly.

Then go back to "Document" and save the file in your job folder.


Now in Acrobat / FusionPro, at the time of composition, there is an Imposition tab for you specify this file.

Compose and test to see if this helps

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