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Possible bug with NullResource() on Server


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Currently my desktop is on 4.2 but our test server is on 6.1P1e and we are testing the output of our current templates before we upgrade everything. One problem that I am having is that previously working templates are getting an error on the new version that states...


"Graphic is not found or is not processsed properly: <None>."


It took me a while to realize that this is the NullResource() string that is passed when I want a blank to appear in a given graphic box. I realize that there are now text and graphic "frame commands" that will turn on or off the activation of an entire frame - but does this mean that the NullResource() command is no longer valid in 6.1? Also I noticed that it passed a normalized string for this entry "<None>" instead of the <None> value that is normally passed.


Is this a known warning, error or bug? My company wants to roll out this new version sometime this week, but I am hesitant to do so with this possible bug hanging over me.

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This is a bug. The NullResource() function is fully supported in 6.1.


Note that, despite the error message in the log file, the output should be unaffected for graphic frames. We do have a fix; however, since this particular issue doesn't seem to affect output, we did not issue an emergency release. If you really need this fix anyway before the next release, we may be able to make it available to you in a Beta build; please contact me off-list about that. Your other option, if you don't specifically need the new features in 6.1 (mainly AFP output and Personalized Images), is to use 6.0 instead, which does not have this particular issue.

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