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2 Variables, 1 line


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I have a Biz-Card customer who's requested something I can't figure out how to do....


There's 2 fields we're working w/ on the card, Zip Code and Website. The Zip can be 5, or 5+4, and has a bullet after it. The website... could be enormous (i.e. really long, and need copyfit to get it in the space alloted). I've got 1 line of type about half the width of the card to fit all this in (@ 8pt type, w/the base URL (http://www.college.edu), it works just fine). Departments w/in this place are going to want their unique URL added after the domain name (http://www.college.edu/ArtsandSciences, etc.).. and will require copyfit to fit in the space (wether using 5, or 5+4 Zip codes - there's only so much room on the card).


I have the template currently setup w/ sep. frames for the zip and web, but if a user chooses a 5-digit zip, I get this big white-space between the 2 fields...


I tried building it putting all the info on one frame, but when CopyFit shrunk the Website, it knocked the Zip code down as well, and looked ridiculous next to the rest of the address information (that is static, also on the same 'line', and fixed at 8 pt).


Is there any way, I can have the Zip NOT copyfit, and the website shrinkable, while all on the same line? Or.. using 2 frames, can I remove the extra white-space that will come up if someone only uses the 5-digit Zip (and not the extra 5+4)?


Thanks for the help.


- Mac

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