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Postal Mailing Rules and Regulations


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We just recently purchased FP Desktop and are wanting to learn to do (At least for the first couple) a basic mailer.


I would like to do a mailer of like a few thousand cards. Like 4 x 6 in size.


But I want to be able to use the barcode in FP to help us save in the mailing costs.


Can anyone direct us to any type of literature to learn how to do this? What the requirements are? Whats the best way to prepare it to get the best postal discount?



Thanks in advance for any help.



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You should have some sort of postal software that can do the basics for applying discounts to your bulk mailings and produce the correct paperwork to drop off at the Post Office. I use BulkMailer from Satori software and have no problems with the product. Support is top notch in my opinion when it comes to technical help.

The postal software that you choose should produce a barcode(font=SATBAR @ 12pts.) that you can then apply to your postcards. Having the correct indicia on the mailer as well can save you some headache. I know locally here in Phoenix, 6"x4" postcards need to have the word "automated" somewhere near the indicia if the barcode is at the "bottom" of the postcard(second option at the very bottom). You should already have a permit number setup at the PostOffice for a 1st class or Standard presort. If you are just doing postcards, then 1st class should do. If you are offering all sorts of mailings, letter-size, flats, periodicals, etc.... then I would also be setup for Standard as that can save a bunch of $$ for your clients.

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Postal software that I've personally used.



recommend for the novice(Professional Version)




Post Office requirements. 6"x4" postcards, automated/presorted rates.

-minimum 200 pieces to qualify for any rates.

-You'll need a 1st Class Permit issued by the Post Office. Each permit that is issued to you cost $. So Standard and 1st Class permits are two separated charges to you.

-Correct Indicia on the piece.


FusionPro, merging the two together.

-I'd watch FusionPro's video section to get familiar with merging your presorted data file with the art file.


-You'll have your artwork which is static in the background and then your variable that would be your addressing.

-Your variable/Address block should consist of the following:

1st row is optional and is really used for Quality Control.

Endorsement*Sequence Number*Tray Number*Bundle Number

Full Name





City State and Zip



If you still need help or are unclear about something, this is a great forum to help you out.;)


Good luck!

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