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Need help to set up formatted text


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Need help to set up formatted text. First of all I looked at the notes on tags but I’m just not getting it.

I had the first fundamentals training webex, but the advanced is not until next month. I’m trying to

process copy onto napkins. I’ll post a picture of the finished napkins as well as my data file. I believe

this can be done by Formatting Text Resources. EX: I have a template with two lines of type and one

graphic. I have a data file with 10 names, each of the names have different font styles and font sizes

and with different graphics. How could I get this to work through Fusion Pro? Thank you for all your help.



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I'll try my best to answer your questions and walk you through the steps quickly.

Yes, the formatted text resource can contain as many variables as you would like.

Below are the steps to take in Fusion Pro to create a formatted text resource and then insert it into your rule as welll as the placement of a graphic within the text frame.

1) Go to the following menu options in at the top of your tool bar in fusion pro (FusionPro - Palettes - Steps)

2) When the "Steps" palette opens hit the second button down "Create Resources". This will open the resource dialog box.

3) Name your resource something you can recognize. In the "Type" drop down menu choose "Formatted Text". Hit the "Edit Button".

4) This will open a window that looks and works exactly as the variable text frame editor so that you can add and format you paragraph along with the variable. Once this is completed save and close out of all of these windows. You have created a formatted text paragraph.

5) In the "Steps" palette go to the "Create Rule" option and create the rule as you normally would. To insert the formatted text resource open

your "Building Blocks" and click on the4 tab at the top that says "Resource". Your new formatted text resource should be listed here the way that you named it and you can insert it exactly as you would insert a variable field.

6) Then insert your rule into your variable text frame. Remember that your rule will contain your paragraph.

Next, you need to add the graphic signature file to FusionPro using >>FusionPro>>>Data Definition>>Input Options. Add the graphic signature file.

Now create a rule which will return this signature. Select "Create Rules">>New>>Text.

Now you need to Edit the Formatted text Resource you just created, as the signature needs to be added. If you have different letters with its own signature then you

will need to add a signature graphic tag for each letter.

Your logic will look something like this:

return '<graphic file = "napkins.png">';

Insert this rule into the position in the Formatted Text where this information will appear.



Alex Marshall


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Hopefully the attached example files will be enough to get you started.


Once underway, more specific questions like "How do I override point size specified in data?" rather than "How do I use FusionPro to complete this job?" will get you better responses on these forums. IMHO, the question in this thread is simply too broad to be covered by the average forum reader.

napkin sample.zip

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except that the copy fills the whole text box from left to right no matter what point size I apply

That's because of the Copyfit function used in the text rule. I added it figuring you would want to fill the napkin in the event a user chose too small a point size. It can easily be removed, or modified to only decrease point size if too large.


Simply change the text rule to:

var Line1 = NormalizeEntities(Field("KK_Text1"));
var Font1 = Field("Font1");
var Size1 = Field("Size1");

var Line2 = NormalizeEntities(Field("KK_Text2"));
var Font2 = Field("Font2");
var Size2 = Field("Size2");

var MyText = "<f name=\"" + Font1 + "\"><z newsize=\"" + Size1 + "\">" + Line1 + "<br />" + "<f name=\"" + Font2 + "\"><z newsize=\"" + Size2 + "\">" + Line2;

return MyText;


Also, make sure you don't have duplicate field names in your data. I believe your original data sample attachment above referenced "size" and "font" twice each. :)

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Question? do you have a script that does just one line of copy.


Change this line in text rule:

var MyText = "<f name=\"" + Font1 + "\"><z newsize=\"" + Size1 + "\">" + Line1 + "<br />" + "<f name=\"" + Font2 + "\"><z newsize=\"" + Size2 + "\">" + Line2;


to this:

var MyText = "<f name=\"" + Font1 + "\"><z newsize=\"" + Size1 + "\">" + Line1;

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