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Sequential Numbering Rule editing

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I did a quick search of the forum and didn't see a post similar to my question (unless of course I overlooked it).


I have a pdf of 1-up event tickets with 48 different lots. Lot (page) 1 must number from 1-40, Lot (page) 2 must number from 41-80, Lot (page) 3 must number from 81-120 and so on for 48 lots (1920 tickets). These are printing 8-up on 6 signatures (they have common back art).


In addition to not knowing if it is possible to set this up in Fusion Pro with the Sequential Numbering Rule, I need these to number in 2 places and in Red, 12 pt. Courier. The Sequential Numbering Rule only lets me select Black or white - I have no option for Red and can't figure out how to edit the Java script to fix this.


Also, can I cut and paste the Sequential Numbering Text in the dialog box 95 times once I get one set up so I don't have to edit 95 variable text boxes? Is there a faster way?


The file is originally an InDesign CS3 file that I set up the FusionPro variable text data box in two places on each ticket prior to exporting to pdf using the FusionPro plug-in. Is there a way to set up the Sequential Numbering Rule in InDesign prior to export to make things easier? I'm sorry - I never had any FusionPro training and have only used the app. about 6 times in the year since we bought it.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Upgrading is not an option at this time - looks like I will have to separate the file into 48 individual files and run each one independently.


Is this a feature that you need all the time? $299.00 upgrade I would think would be worth it, or do you have 5.8 Direct as well?

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