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PPML fails on Fiery RIP


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I posted a thread earlier about this same job and after some recommendations I was able to get the file to run great. However, the customer has sent me a new file and while I am composing the file in the exact same way, it is now failing returning a different error than before.


I am running Fusion Pro 5.1P2b. The PDF has been flattened using acrobat. Since I working on a mac, after composing the file, I removed all of files from the zip folder produced by Fusion Pro and then zipping the files together. When send the new zip file through the rip, it returns an error that says:


"PPML Processing error: Parser error line 1, col 39, An exception occurred! Type UTFDataFormatException, Message: invalid byte 2(l) of a 3-byte sequence"


Any suggestions?





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Hello Movad,


Our support team would have to take a look at your PPML on our Fiery simulator here to see if we can determine what the issue is.


Are you seeing this on all PPML jobs or just one particular job? Working with support will help narrow down the issue and we'll look to find the resolution.

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