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Drop shadow problem


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Hi everybody,


I haven't used drop shadow feature before. Can't seem to get it to work right.


When I turn on drop shadow, I can't get it to preview correctly. I set it with the defaults it comes up with (100%, 135, 5, 5) but it's way below my text and smaller.


I thought perhaps the preview is just weird, but when I output a PDF (with pdf setting in the graphics tab for drop shadow) it looks just like the preview.


Has anyone else had trouble with the drop shadow settings or know why this is happening?


I'm attaching files showing the problem in Acrobat (both in my attempted setup file and in the composed pdf test).


For the most part, I don't think the drop shadow option will be something I can use anyway b/c I assume even if I get it to layout properly, I won't be able to get it to output to my press due to transparency problems. But I'd still like to learn how to get it to work for those situations when I could use it.





p.s. I'd also like to add a vote for the ability to add a stroke to text.



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The answer I got from tech support was that there was transparency somewhere in the base PDF file causing the issue. In my case, my base PDF was just one picture box, but I had exported it out of InDesign CS5 using the FP PDF export.


I managed to fix it by exporting a completely blank PDF page from InDesign CS4, and then drawing in the variable image boxes using FP in Acrobat. Not sure what the difference is between CS5 and CS4, or what the difference is with ID Export vs. FP export from ID though.


One thing I have noticed though, is that if you flatten the transparency in the PDF file you are working in, it doesn't fix the drop shadow issue. Seems you have to have a flattened PDF before you even start using FP.


You may have to flatten the original PDF file, then start from scratch on adding the FP variables

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Hi Joyce,

I never got a response back then when I asked and abandoned the attempt (just did the two text boxes hack with one slightly offset behind the other). Interesting to hear this from Eric. I don't think I had any transparency going on (as I recall, I tried to make a simple test page with just a text box to rule out any weirdness in native files). But, the FP export was pretty buggy back then (and actually still is for me even with the latest version - but I'm outputting JLT files for an old Indigo rip, so I'm not really the norm). I'd be very interested to hear what you discover, if you don't mind posting back if/when you learn any more.



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