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PPML fails on fiery RIP


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I am just starting to experiment with variable data using Fusion Pro 5.1 With a Fiery 3.0 Rip outputting to a Cannon Imagepress C7000. I have had no issues thus far outputting with a PDF but I have yet to successfully send a PPML file.


I have been exporting the PPML file from fusion pro and been using the hot folder to import the zip file into the fiery.


Most PPML files fail during processing returning an error that say "PS-undefined file name error, offending command "file"- PPML Job-Doc-Page:1-1-1"


I was able to get one of the files I was working with to run though I am not sure what I did differently. But even that file did not print properly, part of the graphics dropped off which seemed to happen when it was imposed in the fiery.


I am sure I must be doing something fundamentally wrong to get these types of results. Any suggestions?

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PPML is a postscript based output format. You will need to ensure that all your template's artwork, i.e. Graphics, transparencies, masking, drop shadow, etc. is flattened before generating the PDF for VDP composition.

These effects can not be translated in the postscript language, and your output may appear rasterized and downsampled.


If you have no control over the template's creation, you can use Adobe Acrobat's(Professional) "PDF Optimizer" and its settings to help with this issue.


Also, the zip file generated from FusionPro's PPML composition should be imported directly using your Fiery Command Workstation to ensure it RIPs.

Do not unzip.


Let us know if this information helps.

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