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Forum Idea: JavaScript Quizzes!


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Admittedly I haven't seen Dan K around lately. I can appreciate that providing answers to other people's problems can get old and tedious at times although I have thus far enjoyed taking a stab at these questions in an effort to improve my JS skills.


I'm wondering if there might be a possibility of having Dan (or another guru of code) post an occasional FP scenario that all forum viewers would have the opportunity to solve using JS. We could post our solutions over the course of a week followed by the OP posting the "official" solution (and perhaps provide some feedback on others' suggested solutions along with an explanation of why their code is practical).


I would be interested in seeing how others solve logic problems in an effort to improve my own skills or think differently (to steal a catchphrase from Apple). Seeing assorted scenarios might open up new possibilities for how I work with current and future variable jobs in house, and as scenarios are solved, they would effectively become a library of JS solutions for users to reference in the future.


Scenarios could range from simple data tweaks to complicated template alterations. These scenarios could be posted once a week, or once a month, or as someone comes up with them. Any merit to the idea? Any time available to implement?

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Sorry, I've been busy working on some exciting new stuff, which you'll hear about soon, so I haven't been around here on the forum as much as I'd like to be.


This is an interesting idea. My first thought is that members here probably already have enough puzzles to solve by answering each other's questions; that's actually the whole point of the forum. And there isn't always one "right" way to do something. In fact, the product is so robust that there are often multiple ways to accomplish a particular thing, not all of which even involve JavaScript. For us at Printable to tell people that there's only one "right" way may actually stifle organic creativity. (On the other hand, there are plenty of wrong ways to do things.)


My point is that this is your community. So I encourage you, Eric, or anyone else, to start your own set of weekly quizzes. I can probably set up a sub-forum for that purpose if you want.


And thanks to everyone for your participation, and for answering questions. Keep up the great work!

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