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Legacy Imposition - Double Sided


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I have a postcard that needs to be imposed 4-up w/ fronts on the first page and backs on the second page.


We've always had trouble with double sided products. It seems like no matter what I do, I can't get it to do it. Is there a way to impose this with Legacy Impositions or do we need to continue pulling them down 1-up?



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If using Legacy Impositions, multi-page items compose illogically, so if this is your only option, you should stick with the 1 up version and take it off line.


Why Legacy Impositions? Can you or have you tried building the imposition files with FusionPro Imposer? We do a monthly (free) class on how to use FP Imposer, the next class is tomorrow morning at 10am PST, after that it is Sept. 16th. If you want to register contact me and I can send you an invite for tomorrow morning.

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