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Simple Booklet creation on Xerox 700 w/booklet maker - very slow output!


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I am using fusionpro to print a simple address on a booklet. The booklet is 8 pages, imposed on a 11x17 sheet and duplexed (two sheets total). The address is on the very last page and is the only variable part of the booklet.


We have a xerox docucolor 700 with a CREO rip. It has an inline booklet maker.


If I send the booklet with no variable data, it can print, fold, staple and spit out a finished booklet in about 10 seconds (average time out of 10 booklets). When I do a variable job the machine slows dramaticlly and it takes a booklet about 30 seconds to finish (average time of 10 booklets).


The problem seems to lie in how quickly the machine starts printing the next booklet. With a static booklet, the machine prints non-stop and doesn't wait for the booklet to be finished before starting another one. On a variable job, the machine WILL wait until the booklet is finished & out of the machine before pulling in the next sheet for printing.


I can't seem to figure out why this is happening. I've tried PDF, VPS, and PPML formats. I tried imposing the job on the CREO & using FP imposer and it doesn't make a difference.


Is there something I am missing or is this a typcial thing to happen when printing variable booklets? I've never had any problem with other variable jobs but this is my first time doing a booklet.

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I haven't heard of this issue in the past. We often work with customers who are experiencing slow RIP times and suggest an appropriate optimized output format for their DFE.


There is no optimization to our output or any setting that I am aware of that would influence the printing/finishing speed of the booklets. Have you spoken to the vendor that supports your Creo and Xerox hardware? If there is some setting or other optimization we can put into our output to speed this process, we can surely look to add that into FusionPro.

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