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with my image library


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I have a library of images on the manager.printable.com/* website. In this folder i have four images that are all ".eps".


I have rule that places them into a graphic frame depending on what store number is typed in. This rule works for all of them except one. 3 of my maps show up in the proof fine, but one of them refuses to work.


it is 426KB, the ones that work are 380KB, 394KB, and 599KB


It has no unusual charecters in the name. I tried uploading it multiple times, sometimes with numbers in the file name, sometimes just words, sometimes both, but it just wont show up.


The thumbnail shows up, so i am assuming it is not corrupted.


Any ideas on why it wont show up in my proof?

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Can you take the elements of the one .eps that isn't working, add it to the one that is working and save-it to test to see if it still won't work? Keep a copy of your working file to add back to it later.


Basically seeing if there is something corrupt with the elements to force it to not work on your proof.


Also, are these vector, bitmap or mix out of which program also?

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Is the proof on screen or a hardcopy?


I've had plenty of trouble with vector art in my variable files. It will look fine on screen but be all messed up or missing completely on the printed piece. It usually is because of transparencies in the vector file, drop shadows, gradients etc.


I usually open the vector .eps in photoshop, flatten it and then save it as a photoshop eps.

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