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QR Codes with multiple data

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I created a QR Code that has an account number (static) and a numbering system for 5 positions on the same page.

The following works but I need it sized a little bigger. Is this possible? Changing the point size in text editor doesn't do the trick.


var data = "222222222" + FormatNumber("00000", number1++);

return MakeQRBarcodeGraphic(data);

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Dan Korn
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With a little help from a co-worker we figured it out by converting an existing rule and making edits to it as follows

// Rule converted from XML Template "QR Barcode Rule: Numbering":
// Choose the following values:
// Begin XML Template selections //
//var FieldOrRuleToEncode = "Numbering"; // "Data field or rule to encode" (Required): FieldOrRuleList
var data = "222222222" + FormatNumber("00000", number1++);
var EncodingMode = "Byte"; // "Encoding mode" (Required): PickList ["Byte" (All characters), "AlphaNumeric" (Alphanumeric only), "Numeric" (Numeric only)]
var ErrorCorrectionMode = "M"; // "Error correction" (Required): PickList ["L" (Low), "M" (Medium), "Q" (Quality), "H" (High)]
var PreferredFormat = "0"; // "Format (symbol size)" (Required): PickList ["0" (0 (automatic)), "1" (1 (21x21)), "2" (2 (25x25)), "3" (3 (29x29)), "4" (4 (33x33)), "10" (10 (57x57)), "40" (40 (177x177))]
var PointSize = StringToNumber("6 pt"); // "Font size (defaults to 10)": PointSize
var NoFontTag = false; // "Suppress <f> (font) tag": CheckBox
var Font = "IDAutomation2D"; // "Font": FontList
var ProcessTilde = false; // "Process tilde (~) escapes": CheckBox
// End XML Template selections //

var DataToEncode = data;
return MakeQRBarcode(DataToEncode, ProcessTilde,
          EncodingMode, ErrorCorrectionMode, PreferredFormat,
          PointSize, NoFontTag, Font);



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