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InDesign CS4 Not Exporting Fonts Correctly


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I'm using InDesign CS4 and Acrobat 9.0 with FP 6.0P1f on the Mac.


My InDesign Document is uses Paragraph and Character Styles for formatting. When I export to Acrobat the Font and paragraoh settings are not being retained. Is there any way to correct this.


Thanks in advance.



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Unfortunately, there is no setting to make FusionPro exactly replicate

text composition from Quark or InDesign. The thing you have to keep in

mind is that FusionPro composes, or flows, text differently than

QuarkXPress and InDesign do. And QuarkXPress and InDesign compose

differently than each other. Neither Printable nor Quark nor Adobe have

access to each others' text compositions algorithms to exactly replicate

any of the other companies' text composition engines. In addition,

there isn't really one "right" way of composing text; in fact, there's

no universal standard or agreement on the "right" way to handle things

like kerning, leading, word breaking, and countless other text

composition details.


So, if you have text that you're exporting from Quark or InDesign, and

you make it variable, FusionPro will compose it based on a completely

different set of rules than the source design tool. This is why we

provide Preview functionality, so that you can see how your text will

flow when it's composed by FusionPro. We do try to export as many

properties of the text as we can so that we can get it as close as

possible to the original, but it's never going to completely match, and

there are some advanced composition features in Quark and InDesign that

we simply don't support.

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hi Alex,

are you saying that even a simple font choice [light, med, bold] will not maintain? I'm having the same problem, that I NEVER had in version3,4. Exporting from InDesign cs3. I know Rayed had the same problem when he upgraded to v5. what gives?

--does FP support OTF? i am not using the psuedo choices, or depending on styles.

--I've been using FP for years. I just purchased the new FP, and am using a new Laptop. I've already done the usual "font tricks".


Sounds like Printable is ducking the issue, which creates SUCH a time suck, to RE FORMAT the variable text fields.



jeannie q [using FP v 6.0P1f mac os10.5.8]

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