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Tony Olivas

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Hello all,:D


I don't how familiar anybody is with this process but basically I want letters that repeat on the same word to change on a variable basis.


I was given data that was run through a "Dynamic Link Library(DLL for short)" with two sets of fields of the same information. One was in its orignal form the other was displaying in funny font charcters.


The reason for the funny font charcters is the conversion DLL. The DLL changes characters in the font to other characters. This allows them to use 2 different letters (2 different letter "A"s, "B"s, "C"s). For example, if you were to print the word "Letter" in that font, after conversion, the word "Letter" would change to some funky characters. Then, when it prints, the word "Letter" would have 2 different looking letter "t"s in it. The first one may be tall and the 2nd could be shorter. I hope that makes sense.


This process works and displays correctly on a PC VDP software fine but not through Fusion Pro.


Is there some kind of rule that "Encodes the Text" and coverts the text?

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If I understand what you're trying to accomplish, something like this should work:


function FormatRepeatedChars(str, font)
 var s = "";
 var pc = 0;
 for (var cc in str)
   var c = str[cc];
   if (c == pc)
     s += '<f name="' +font + '">' + c + '</f>'
     s += c;

   pc = c;

 return s;

return FormatRepeatedChars("bookkeeper", "Lucida Handwriting");

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