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Latin Accented character issue


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I have an Excel file with a record which contains a Latin Accented character (ž). When I convert that file to CSV, the character translates into a underscore (_). I opened the CSV in TextMate, switched the underscore for the proper character, but when I tried to save it tells me that the file can not be saved with the Mac Roman encoding, that it needs to be Unicode (fine with me). After some testing with different encoding options (finally settled on UTF-16), I can see the character in the Preview palette, but it's not displaying the character on the actual template or when I compose the file.


I opened the font with Fontographer, and the character is there (Unicode 017E). I even went to "Edit Flat File Data" in the FusionPro menu and the correct character code is being displayed between unicode tags.


At this point, because of time constraints, I'm about to tell the customer that we're going to use a regular z instead of the ž or just manually typeset that one record in InDesign.


I'm using FusionPro 6.0P1e on an Intel Mac Pro Dual 2.26GHz Quad-Core Xeons, 6GB RAM, OS X 10.5.7, Acrobat 9 Professional, and FontAgent Pro as my font manager. The font's name is PalaceScriptMT-SemiBold, and it's a PostScript font.


Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


Victor Velez

Marcus Printing Co.

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I did that already, and for some reason it garbled the other variable text boxes. And the character in question didn't display, either.

Well, without seeing the actual files, I can only make guesses. If you can attach the files to this case, or a set of sample files which reproduce the problem, then I can take a quick look at them.

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