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Spaces missing?

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This is a rule that will give me a 1 line address or a 2 line address. It's pretty basic. When I create the string "address" with spaces, it sees the spaces when calculating the length. I have treat returned strings as tagged text checked(for the <br>). When I validate to see the results I see the spaces, but when I preview the template there is only 1 space instead of 2 or 3 spaces. Where are they going? Anyone Know?


Jon Whittaker

OX 10.4.11 FP6.0P1b




address = (Field("Address") + " " + Field("City") + ", " +Field("State") + " " + Field("Zip"));

addressline1 = Field("Address");

addressline2 = (Field("City") + ", " +Field("State") + " " + Field("Zip"));


if (address.length <= "45")


return address;




return (addressline1 + '<br>' + addressline2);


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Sorry about that. I copied from my rule which shows the spaces and didn't check to see if it showed in this forum.


There should be 3 spaces between the address and the city

There should be a , and 1 space between the city and state

There should be 2 spaces between the state and zip

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If you're returning tagged text, FusionPro's tagged markup parser collapses whitespace, and also processes ampersands and less-than symbols in the returned value as markup. So, whenever you have a rule that returns tags, you should wrap returned text retrieved from the Field function, or any string literals, in the TaggedTextFromRaw function (or NormalizeEntities in versions prior to 6.0, although that's not as sophisticated in dealing with whitespace).


So you can add that call into your rule like so:

address = Field("Add1") + "   " + Field("City") + ", " +Field("State") + "  " + Field("Zip");
addressline1 = Field("Add1");
addressline2 = Field("City") + ", " +Field("State") + "  " + Field("Zip");

if (address.length <= 45)
 return TaggedTextFromRaw(address);
 return TaggedTextFromRaw(addressline1) + '<br>' + TaggedTextFromRaw(addressline2);


You'll notice that I also changed the "if" statement logic to do a numeric comparison, instead of a string comparison. (In JavaScript, the string "2" is greater than the string "11".)


Note also that by using [noparse]

[/noparse] markup in this forum, the whitespace in the rule itself is preserved. You can do this yourself by clicking "Go Advanced", then selecting the code in your post and clicking the # button.


Finally, I should also mention that this kind of logic to determine whether a particular line of text will wrap can be accomplished more accurately with Text Measurement than by counting the number of characters. You may want to look at the CopyfitLine function.

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