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Running multiple command lines simutaneously

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Is it possible to run multiple instances of FusionPro Server command line at the same time?


We have a system which generates some very graphic intensive PDFs which takes up to a minute in some cases to run through FusionPro.


Being able to run multiple command lines simutaneously will help reduce the wait time many users are logged into the system at the same time.

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Hello Syphed,


You can certainly run multiple FusionPro Server compositions simultaneously (what we refer to as "Simultaneous Composition Instances") as long as your licensing for FP Server allows for this. Most Server licenses allow for up to 3 simultaneous compositions but there are some licenses out there with more or less allowable instances.


Depending on how you are executing the command-line for the FP Server composition, there's a couple options:


1) If you are using DL Queue, our job queuing system, your code that talks to the DL Queue API can execute multiple SubmitJob() commands for the different composition requests. The DL Queue system will handle these multiple requests and ensure that all composition instances are utilized when there are enough simultaneous requests. If there are more simultaneous requests than your Server license allows for, DL Queue will keep those additional requests queued awaiting an open instance to compose those jobs with.


2) If you are executing the fusionpro.exe command for compositions from the command-line instead of DL Queue, open multiple DOS windows and execute a separate FusionPro composition command in each. While this doesn't use DL Queue to queue jobs up that are beyond your allowable instances, it will limit the number of concurrent compositions (this is a setting on your FP Server serial number). Submitting more simultaneous requests than you have instances for will result in an error message when executing those additional compositions.


Hope this make sense. If you have any questions about how many compositions your license allows for, feel free to contact FusionPro Support at fusionProSupport@printable.com and they will be able to look this information up in our database for you.

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