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Imposition question / Legacy Imposition?


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So I made a mistake yesterday - copied an item, inactivated the old, activated the new... but forgot to associate an imposition with the item before publishing. (didn't think of it - because the old item had an imposition - thought it would've copied)


Now I have 10 orders for this item "stuck" in the dashboard because there is no imposition associated with it. How can I associate an imposition & process these items through?


Didn't we used to be able to copy an imposition (now legacy) & associate it with the product? I even tried uploading the legacy imposition & renaming to associate with the item, but keep getting errors...

[also - both the dashboard & manager seem to be running extremely slow today...]


Any help would be appreciated!

thanks -

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You can use the "Publish Template Override" option in the Settings section. Go to: Options > Settings > in the Misc. and UI Settings > "Publish Template Override"


Allows a template to be Published even though outstanding orders using the previously published version of the template exist. In this instance, since none of the pending orders have ever been processed you should have no issues.


I'm not aware of any copy capability with legacy impositions. FPI Impo files are available for any template in any Store, but you still need to associate a default impo to have access to all impositions.


Hope this helps.

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thank you!

gave that a shot (twice) - got the spinning wheel, then an error:

"The requested URL could not be retrieved


While trying to retrieve the URL: http://fpe.printable.com/ImageServer/Templates/PublishTemplate.aspx?CompanyID=6861&sellerid=939&ia=0&CategoryID=4&templateID=109648&imgts=5%2f12%2f2009+9%3a28%3a28+AM

The following error was encountered:


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    Squid did not receive any data for this request. "


If I can get that to publish (which so far I've been unable to do), it should prevent imposition issues on orders for this item from here on out - but what can I do for the 10 that are stuck in the dashboard?


Or is my only option (work-around) to find the orders for this item, cancel/delete them, & re-enter the orders?


I'm trying to get this figured out before more orders for the item get placed...


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