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Partial Shipment Packing Slip

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Good Morning,


We recently shipped a partial-shipment on a static item in our 5.5 PrintOne. I instructed Shipping to enter the partial quantity in the packing slip and print the slip, because I assumed that the item would remain in the "Shipping" items list, and allow me to print a packing slip for the balance.


The item is not available under 'shipping' any longer, and I cannot create a packing slip for the balance of the order.


Is the system supposed to remove an item when making a partial shipment? I thought it was capable of partial's, and left the item in the shipping list w/ the remaining quantity to be shipped?



- Mac

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I have been trying all day to figure out where my backorders were. So if a pick item gets to the packing slip and either a partial shipment is made or a 0 is placed in the quantity - the item and its order will all show as shipped?

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When an item is ordered and it exceeds the amount available, you will receive a 2 part order, one for the amount available and one for the amount in backorder. See attached screenshot: BackOrder.jpg


For example: QAS = 10 and the customer wants 12.

You will get 2 items on that order at the DB: one for 10, which can be fulfilled and a backorder for 2, which will be in Red.


This is completely independent of the Refill order workflow (Customer, Sales or Automatic Approval), but it is important to pointout that to fulfill the Red Backorder, the refill order must be completed or you must at least replenish the inventory manually in the SKUs section.


Once you have the inventory replenished you can then process the Red Backorder.


Coming back to the Shipping issue, if I were to create a packing slip for a partial shipment (let's say 8 using the example above), there will not be a lingering Pick ticket sitting around waiting to be shipped for the remaining 2 that you can fulfill but did not ship. So if you create a Packing Slip for the partial amount or for zero, the entire order for 10 will have a status of 'Shipped'. However the Red Backorder will still be pending, allowing you to indicate the additional amount left off of the partial when you create the Packing Slip for it.


Hope this helps, and sorry to be so "wordy"


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