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Fusionpro 13


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Tried the new version for about an hour before downgrading back to version 12.1.3


With this new release, I was unable to embed my barcode font (UPSIMBStandard) even though embed font was selected in the compose window. It previewed correctly, just wasn't embeddded. Never had this issue until upgrading.


Im running Mac OS Monterey.

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I had this issue, and what I found was that the first time you compose after starting the FusionPro app, the fonts will embed correctly. Every subsequent compose, they do not embed. I have been quitting the app after every compose.



I also put in a support call for it, and the workaround I got back was that if you turn of the checkbox for limiting to Mac Roman in the Advanced tab of the compose dialog box, the embedding will work.

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We have identified the cause of this problem and are putting a new build with a fix through expedited testing. We hope to make it available by the end of the week.


Apologies for the trouble. This slipped through our extensive regression testing. Unfortunately, that testing is primarily done with single output files composed in FP Server, and does not effectively reproduce the conditions of subsequent compositions or output files which trigger this bug. We do test in FP Creator as well, on both Windows and Mac, but fonts failing to embed is not an obvious thing to notice when viewing the output on the composition machine. We are adjusting our testing framework to catch this kind of problem in the future. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and continued use of FusionPro VDP.

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