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Trim a field after a specific character

Rick J.

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I've received a file that has the address, city, state and zip all in one field. It has a comma after the street address and the city. Is there a way to trim the field to remove the everything from the comma after the street address, so it only returns the street address. The filed varies in length of course so I can't use a static number to trim.
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There's a few different ways to do this with substrings and regular expressions but I think the easiest is to use split.


return Field("Address").split(",")[0];


This splits the string into segments at every comma. [0] is the first part, [1] would be the next, in this case city, then [2] would be state, etc. The only issue would be if the address contained a comma, for instance with an apartment number. That would end up in the next segment.

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