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FusionPro Wizard not available in Adobe Editor

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I have installed Adobe Acrobat Standard DC with FusionPro v12.1.3.

After installation everything worked well but now I can't find the FusionPro tools anymore and I'm not able run the wizard.

The FusionPro toolbar is still available in Adobe Acrobat.

A re-install of the software doesn't help...

What do you advise?



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Running Win10 Pro 21H2 with Adobe Acrobat Standard DC ver. 2022.002.20212

FusionPro v12.1.3

FusionPro is not available in the Tools list, only available on the menu bar of Adobe...



I see. You need to click on the "More Tools" icon (the wrench with the plus sign) at the bottom of the Tools panel (on the right of the screen), OR click on the Tools tab at the top of the screen. Then scroll all the way down to Add-ons and select the FusionPro icon and click Add. Then the FusionPro icon will be present no the Tools pane, and you can select it to see all of the tools in the toolset.


You can also right-click on the main toolbar on the top of the screen and click "Customize Quick Tools...", then scroll down and add any tools (from the FusionPro tool list of any others) to the main bar.


Either of these should cause the selected tools to stay in the toolbar, even after closing and restarting Acrobat. However, sometimes, for reasons beyond the control of plug-in developers, you have to keep re-adding them. (This seems to be a bug in Acrobat.)

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