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FusionPro VDP with Controlled Folder Access on Windows

Dan Korn

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We have identified issues with FusionPro VDP running on Windows 10 and 11 with Controlled Folder Access enabled.


FusionPro installs several files to the Public Documents folder, to which Controlled Folder Access blocks access by all apps that are not considered trusted, and Adobe Acrobat is not a trusted app. Therefore, FusionPro may not work properly with Controlled Folder Access.


If you have problems installing, uninstalling, or using FusionPro VDP, check if Controlled Folder Access is turned on. You can check the setting like so:

  1. Open the Windows Security app by selecting the shield icon in the task bar. You can also search the start menu for Windows Security.
  2. Select the Virus & threat protection tile (or the shield icon on the left menu bar) and then select Ransomware protection.
  3. Check whether the switch for Controlled Folder Access is set to On.

If the switch is set to On, you can click to turn it off. If the switch is disabled, then Controlled Folder Access has been turned on by your network administrator or IT department, and you will need to contact them to change the setting.


We are working on changes to FusionPro VDP to work correctly with Controlled Folder Access enabled. Please contact Support for more information.


UPDATE: FusionPro VDP 13 works properly with Controlled Folder Access enabled.

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