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In-line graphic question

Brian F.

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I need to do a variation on the in-line graphic rule.


I need to insert a signature graphic into 2 Formatted Text Resources but the graphic is not named in my data file and is the same signature for each record anyway. The 2 resources are differing versions of a letter using the same signature.


The In-Line Graphic Rule in the wizard seems a little complicated for what I am trying to do. Is there an easier way to do this?

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You can write a simple JS rule to achieve this. Since you are doing a graphic return that is "in-line" in a block of text, this would be a TEXT rule that you would create.


Add the graphic as a resource to your template. Then, you can refer to it in that text rule. Something like:


return "<graphic file=signature.jpg>";


Note that you can control the size of the graphic with "width" and "height" attributes in that Graphic tag. This measurement is in hundredths of a point (7200hpt = 1in).


You can find additional info about this tag in the "Graphic Tag Inside Story Tag" section of the tags reference guide.

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