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Adjusting In-Line Graphics


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We have an online project for a trucking company with multiple locations that sell different brands of trucks depending on the location. They always want their logos to be as large as possible inside a given space on their stationery products. The problem is that some locations sell several brands of trucks while others sell only 1 or 2 brands (max is 9 brands). Their logos are different sizes and orientations as well but I've managed to recreate all of them to be about .25" high for line space purposes so that the max of 9 logos will fit in 1 line along the bottom edge of a notepad item like the client requests. I used an in-line string feature to place the logos across the page.


My problem is that when there is only a small number of logos needed (say 1 or 2) that height is too short and the logo looks like a smudge on the paper.


Does anyone know if the overflow->"adjust to fit" feature will compress the logos to fit within a text box.


Or is there another feature (possible newer version) that will put a string of variable logos in a text box (or graphic box) at the maximum height of the box and shrink to fit as more and more logos are added to the string without having to make the box wider to accommodate the additional logos?


I've attached a sample of a single and a multiple logo location page. The red outline shows the amount of space that I am allotted for the logos to reside. They are to be left justified to the page as shown.




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So, there are some improvements to copyfitting coming in a future release, which might help with a case like this.


For now, probably the simplest thing to do would be to just do a bit of math to set the width attribute of each <graphic> tag, dividing the total width of the frame by the number of graphics. That will probably work for most cases.


That said, I would approach this differently, and not use inline graphics at all. Especially since the graphics, as you say, are going into a fixed space on the page. Inline graphics are meant to be, well, inline with text, i.e. flowing with it. Yes, you're trying to kind of "flow" multiple graphics and size them as a group, but I think there's a better approach.


My idea is to use a set of graphic frames, and have some kind of logic to swap out the number and sizes of the frames based on the number of graphics to show. I can think of several different ways to accomplish this (in order from probably easiest to hardest):

  1. Have a series of 9 named graphic frames on the page, and dynamically set their sizes and hide the unneeded ones as appropriate. (Similar to the approach above with the inline graphics, but you have more control over the scaling and position of each graphic in its resized frame.)
  2. In FusionPro 11 and later, set up multiple groups of graphic frames, one group for each number of frames, all hidden, and show the appropriate one.
  3. Create a series of Repeatable Component (Template) pages, all at the size of the entire area for the graphics on the main page, with different numbers of graphic frames laid out. Then you can have a rule which selectively calls out one of those Repeatable Components based on the number of graphics.

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