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Need help with Images from URL link


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I am still having trouble previewing any images from a customer URL Link. This is a postcard mailer. They want to use their website image portal using https:// links on their database list. So my rule should be able to connect to the links in the list and preview the images on the website.


This is one rule that I am using right now. But I am open to any other options. I am a novice with JS so anything helps.


var baseName = Field("URL2");


var extensions = [".tif", "gif", ".png", ".jpg"];

for (var i in extensions)



var pic = CreateResource(Field ("URL2") + extensions, "graphic", true);

if (pic.exists)

return pic;



Print("graphic" + Field ("URL2") + " not found.");

return CreateResource(Field ("URL2"))

return NullResource();


I am using FusionPro 10.1.11 on Windows 10.


The links are https://

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Well, without knowing what's in the data, it's impossible to say what's wrong. But usually a URL is fully resolved, and doesn't need any extensions or anything appended to it. So I think that what I wrote in the other thread should probably work:

return CreateResource(Field("URL2"));

But again, without seeing your job, or at the very least an example of what's in your data, I have no way to analyze what's not working.


FWIW, this works for me:

return CreateResource("https://fusionpro-marcomcentral.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/fusionpro-icon.png");

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Hi Dan,


Thanks this link worked for me as well. I placed it in my test list.


return CreateResource("https://fusionpro-marcomcentral.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/fusionpro-icon.png");


I was able to get other url links to show as well, but I am still waiting on the customer list. They use API from Amazon. I suppose until we have that list, there is nothing further you can do to help.


Except, with my testing I needed to apply a scaling or resizing on the images. Where in the code would I place a uniform scaling or size control to the images?


Thanks in advance.

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