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Detecting and duplicate image copies in a PDF

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We are often supplied with large pre-merged pdfs which we need to pull pages from to reuse in our documents. There may be an image which appears on every page of the supplied PDF but it is optimised so that only one copy is saved in the file so the file size is not too big. When we bring the pages into FusionPro and compose them, the duplicate images haven't been detected and so the final PDF is huge. It is possible to open this file in Acrobat and optimise it but it's a very slow process. Is there a way to change the composition settings so these duplicate images are only saved into the file once?




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FusionPro should already be optimizing the PDF to include the graphic only once. It's hard to say exactly why that's not working without more information, including, at the very least, the version of FusionPro you're using, and the Composition Settings for the job.
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