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Handling web-to-print workflow through our company departments

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I was wondering how other companies are handling the web-to-print workflow in a printing company situation.


One way we have been handling it is to have customer service (CSR) get notified of an order that's been placed in the dashboard, have them open a job jacket, download the files from dashboard. Then our preflight department checks the files (especially if the end user is uploading files for us to print in addition to a versioned PrintOne piece). Then we send it to the digital department to have the mailing list presorted and NCOA (Nat'l change of address) processed. The digital department then prepares the PDF or VDX file to run on our digital press. At the end the job jacket goes back to the CSR to close out Printable's shipping and billing info. [This follows the way a traditional offset job would flow through our plant and is the way our SOPs are set up.]


Another way we have occasionally done our workflow is to an open job jacket (ie, all the jobs for the month are on one job jacket instead of a job jacket being created for each separate job) at the digital department. That way the CSRs are not very involved. The digital department receives notice of the new job in dashboard, downloads it, preflights it, etc., etc. They basically handle everything.


A third way is that occasionally the preflight/design department gets notice of the new job and goes to dashboard. They preflight the job and then send it to the digital department, who has an open job jacket. The digital department then processes it like in option 1 above.



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Last shop I was at we got it to:

Order comes in, emails group of people to alert them that the job is here, Estimator/CSR writes-up the job, job number is created(track-ability issue, couldn't do monthly ticket), ticket is given to the press guys, job is printed/cut/and handed off to shipping, shipping updates the job that it's shipped and email is created that is sent off to notify group plus customer.


The less people that had to touch the job, the better IMO.;)

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How do you keep orders organized throughout the production process? For example, let's say you have 10 orders each with 3 or 4 line items. All of the line items are POD and many look similar. How do you keep production and shipping from getting line items mixed up between orders?
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